Sou Consortium Agreement

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SOU Consortium Agreement: All You Need to Know

The Southern Oregon University (SOU) Consortium is an agreement between SOU, Rogue Community College (RCC), and Klamath Community College (KCC). The agreement allows students to obtain their bachelor`s degree from SOU while completing their first two years at RCC or KCC.

The SOU Consortium Agreement provides benefits to students, such as a more affordable education and the convenience of attending classes close to home. By agreeing to merge resources, SOU and the community colleges can provide a higher level of educational accessibility to students.

How Does the SOU Consortium Agreement Work?

Under the SOU Consortium Agreement, RCC and KCC students can complete their first two years of coursework towards a bachelor`s degree at their respective community colleges. Once they have completed their first two years, students can transfer to SOU to complete their bachelor`s degree.

The agreement allows for the seamless transfer of credits between the community colleges and SOU, making the process more straightforward and cost-effective. It means that students don`t lose any credits when transferring between the colleges.

Benefits of the SOU Consortium Agreement

The SOU Consortium Agreement offers several benefits to students, including:

1. Affordable Education: By attending RCC or KCC for the first two years, students can enjoy tuition savings of up to 50%. The lower tuition rates make higher education more accessible and affordable for students.

2. Convenience: Attending classes close to home can reduce the financial burden of commuting and provide more flexibility in managing work and family responsibilities.

3. College Credit Transfer: The SOU Consortium Agreement ensures that students` college credits transfer seamlessly between the colleges, making the transfer process more straightforward and cost-effective.

4. Access to SOU Resources: Students who transition to SOU from RCC or KCC can benefit from the university`s academic resources and student services.

Who is Eligible for the SOU Consortium Agreement?

The SOU Consortium Agreement is available to all students enrolled at RCC or KCC who meet the following requirements:

1. Students must complete an associate degree from RCC or KCC before transferring to SOU.

2. Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

3. Students must be in good standing at RCC or KCC.


The SOU Consortium Agreement is a cost-effective and convenient way for students to obtain a bachelor`s degree from SOU. The agreement provides students with access to affordable education, seamless transfer of credits, and access to SOU`s academic and student resources.

If you are a student at RCC or KCC, consider taking advantage of the SOU Consortium Agreement and start your journey towards earning a bachelor`s degree from SOU.

Sou Consortium Agreement